You are currently viewing SIGNATURE REWARDS: PAY-TO-UPGRADE!


All registered members of Luxebet88 are eligible to be part of Luxebet88’s Signature Rewards Level Up. See the detailed Signature VIP Gift Package Here!

Monthly VIP Gift Package: This VIP Package starts on April 1, 2023. Members must meet required monthly turnover and monthly deposit in order to be eligible for the Gift Package.

Additional Rebate: If Total Monthly Turnover is met, Member will get additional rebate for the succeeding month, daily, for 30 days only.

Monthly Turnover Requirement:

Package 1 – 100,000+

Package 2 – 200,000+

Package 3 – 400,000+

Package 4 – 800,000+

Package 5 – 1,000,000+

Starbucks Gift Card, Special Spa & Dining For 2 Package: Member must meet required monthly total deposit to be eligible for this promo. To be issued after monthly period only.

Monthly Deposit Requirement:

Package 1 – 20,000+

Package 2 – 50,000+

Package 3 – 100,000+

Package 4 – 200,000+

Package 5 – 300,000+

Pay-to-Upgrade Package:Member can choose to buy desired package and once bought, benefits and special package will run shortly after. Bought package will run for 1 month, 30 days only and If Member met the monthly total turnover and total deposit for the VIP Package, promo will extend for another month (another 30 days) without fees.

General Terms & Conditions stated in LuxeBet88 are applicable.